Way to take, choices to make

“A man’s steps are directed by the LORD” Proverbs 20:24 (NIV)

How should I act?, what should I do?, how should I talk?, which path should I choose?, how should I treat others?, what are my goals?… These are questions that dance through our minds as we live out our daily routines. Usually the backdrop of how we answer those questions has to do with “what is everyone else doing?”, and “what will they think of me?”.

Comedian Brian Regan says, “I’m just trying to go through life without looking stupid”. The challenge in today’s culture is to focus on what God’s ways are for us. Instead of looking to fit in or impress others, we need to stay in constant contact with Him so that He can guide us. Sure, we need to consider others. But at the same time, act out our steps based on God’s principles and His direction that emerge from our prayers.

Today, think about your steps and ask yourself; are they “fit in”-directed, or are they God-directed?


Heavenly Father, show me the way I should take and the choices I should make. Thank You for the fulfillment that will follow. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

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