Prayer Guide

“Jesus went up on a mountainside by Himself to pray” Matthew14:23 (NIV)

Right after Jesus fed 5,000 people, and just before He “walked on water” to be with the Disciples, He went off alone to pray. He needed a quiet place to talk to His Heavenly Father.

We need that undistracted time to meet with God. It is not  just a time to share our needs and hurts, but a time to allow God to give us perspective, forgiveness, and renewed strength.

It’s almost like a cell phone charger. We plug it in when we get home, but having a car charger assures it stays energized and useful. To carry out this illustration would be that the daily charging time actually would make my phone more powerful, farther reaching, with more apps getting added each day. Consistent charging grows my phone’s power and capabilities.

Find a “mountainside” each day. Don’t miss out on this avenue that God has created to connect with Him. He invented life, He knows us, He longs to bless.

Make appointments (APPTS) with God. Here’s a suggested prayer guide;

A- “Admit”. Confess wrongful actions, words, and thoughts. Ask Him to Change you.

P- “Praise”. Thank Him that He Reigns (He’s bigger than our problems), and that He Renews.

P- “People”. Pray for Family, Friends, and Forgive our Foes(this is cleansing).

T- “Thanks”. Tell of how you appreciate Possessions, Position, and the People in your life.

S- “Self”. Give Him your Dreams, Desires, Disappointments, Direction, and Daily needs.


Heavenly Father, help me to take the time to meet with You each day. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.