Undelivered cards

“You received the Spirit of sonship. And by Him we cry, Abba, Father”  Romans 8:15 (NIV)

In our school teachers’ meeting, one of the staff asked if she could mention a story that just happened.  She started out by saying she has been a little down lately and was thinking about her4 year old granddaughter that passed away from cancer around one year ago. She then told us her son (the father of the little girl) was going through some items in a closet and a card fluttered down from a shelf. He looked to see that it was an undelivered birthday card that his little daughter hand-made for grandma before her death. It was a big picture of a spider. The staff person/grandmother shared with us that her granddaughter told her one time that she loved her so much that she wished she was a spider…because when she hugs grandma she wants eight arms. Two arms just aren’t enough!

It’s almost as if this grandmother, who is a woman of strong faith, was delivered a card from God through the little girl. I firmly believe that God will meet us in those down times if we cry out to Him to show us His love, understanding and care. “Abba Father” means daddy, intimate and deeply personal daddy. Ask, then look for those undelivered cards from God. He can use circumstances, other people, something we hear, read, or even thoughts that pop into our mind.


Heavenly Father, when I’m down, remind me to seek You even stronger. Give me those undelivered cards of Your show of care for me. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

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