Divine damp-heated-cloth

“Who can understand his errors? Cleanse me from secret faults”  Psalm 19:12 (New King James Version)

I learned a medical/first aid concept the hard way. If a cut is infected, or potentially infected, then there is a process to go through to help heal the wound and avoid major complications. Years ago I had a staph infection that was painful. So I applied ice to help with the pain. Big mistake. That caused the infection to go deeper into my body. Well, a hospital stay and one month later, I was able to function almost normally again. A nurse told me in the hospital that if I would have put damp heat on it, I would have probably avoided all these complications. Because the infection is drawn toward the heat.

Recently, I was cut with a dirty piece of metal. It looked ugly, so I applied that lesson I stumbled across years ago. For several nights before going to bed I put a damp heated cloth on the wound followed by anti-bacteria cream and a bandage. Each morning the bandage would have a yellow ooze on it. That was evidence the heat drew the infection to the surface and out of my body.

There are also secret infections in our thinking, habits, actions, words, or perspectives. If we ignore our ‘errors’ and ‘secret faults’, it is like applying ice to the infection. Driving it deeper into our spirit which causes even more serious problems or even death to our personal character, morals, and ethics. On the other hand, bringing these flaws to light by confessing them to God and continually asking Him to help us confront them, is like applying a damp heated cloth. It may take extra time and pain, but so worth it. The infection comes to the surface and leaves our body so that we can experience life to it’s fullest.


Heavenly Father, don’t allow me to ignore the “infections” I see in my life. Bring them to the surface and heal me. Thank You for the blessing that will follow if I take the time to apply heat through confession and confronting them with Your strength and insight. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

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