Divine think times

“A simple man believes anything, but a prudent man gives thought to his steps” Proverbs 14:15 (NIV)

I grew up as a golfer. I spent a lot of time learning and practicing the game. I was very good. Often, what happens to good golfers is they are asked for tips from the less competent players. I didn’t mind this most of the time, but when I’m concentrating in the middle of a round it can be a distraction.

One day I was playing with a very obnoxious young man who constantly badgered me throughout the round. On one of the holes I told him to set up in his stance, then proceeded to give him “tips” that he followed to a tee (no pun intended). The other players with us were confused as I adjusted his grip and swing, because I basically had him do everything wrong (he would have stood on one foot and screamed like a chicken during his follow-through if I would have said to). He hit his next drive straight sideways into a corn field. I can still picture the look on his face as the rest of our foursome hit the ground in laughter.

I have since asked forgiveness, but I learned from that experience. We tend to believe anyone who is successful at something. It happens all the time. I’ve seen many great athletes fail at coaching. I’ve heard a wealthy man give poor business advice, and later find out that he got rich by marrying a woman who inherited her father’s company.

We need to have what I call, “Divine think times.” A time that is part prayer, and part thinking things though as we ask God to guide our thoughts.


Heavenly Father, help me to be a good thinker. Give me good times alone with You to ponder relationships, decisions, direction, and especially on how to manage my day. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

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