Can’t outrun guilt

“I will confess my wrongdoings. And You forgive the guilt of my sin” Psalm 32:5

I can clearly recall an incident that happened when I was a little ten year old boy. My friends and I were playing basketball in a neighbor’s driveway. The ball took a bad bounce and hit the antenna of their parked car.

The first instinct of little boys is to avoid punishment by running from the scene. So, nine little gutless wannabe NBA stars fled, and one stayed. Me. As I approached the front house door with antenna in hand, I thought to myself, “what in the world has gotten into me?”

The mom came to the door, and I will never, ever forget her reaction. Instead of ripping into me, she said how proud she was of me. She called my mom to tell her the story. You see, she saw the whole thing transpire through the window.

I think I wanted to confess because the guilt would eat me up. I knew that this would have been a big investigation and I would have to lie.

There are times that we “run” after a wrongdoing, habitual sin, or offensive act to someone. We think, like the little boys did, that we can run to avoid getting blamed. But guilt will track us down. We then run from guilt, and our lives turn to activities that help us not think about it. But it finds us eventually.


Heavenly Father, give me the “guts” to pick up the “antenna” and admit my mistakes and wrongdoings to You and others. I want the freedom from guilt and freedom to receive Your many blessings. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

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