A step further

“Let us not love merely with words or tongue but with actions”  1 John 3:18

People need to hear that they are cared about. They need words of encouragement. And it is important for us to give out those words for our good, as well as for the good of the receiver.

But taking it a step further is what God is telling us in today’s verse. To actually give time out of our already booked up day. To make an effort to do something for someone in the midst of needing a helping hand ourselves. By doing this we are saying to God, “I believe that You are real, I believe that You will take care of me, I believe that giving my time and effort to others will be rewarded and multiplied back”.

Very rarely do I feel like running to the store for my wife, helping my son clean up the broken glass from his dropped candle, pulling out my jumper cables for someone when I’m in a rush to get home, moving a friend’s couch (the ol’ ‘bad back’ excuse only works so many times), the dreaded ride to the airport, or the all time worse; watching the neighbor’s out-of-control kids.

We can view these as opportunities to grow. Opportunities to allow God an invasion into our hearts with His character, power, and fulfillment.

Henry David Thoreau once penned, “There are few who do not love better to give advice than to give assistance”.


Heavenly Father, help me to seize “opportunities” to put my faith into actions. Thank You for the blessings that will follow. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

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