Know reign, no pain

“The LORD reigns, He is robed in majesty,¬†and armed with strength” ¬†Psalm 93:1 (NIV) defines the word “reign”; royal authority; supreme power; sovereignty; rule; dominion. There is an old saying, “big God, small problems. Small God, big problems.”

How we view God will effect how we deal with hardships. How we view God also effects our relationship with Him and others. If we are convinced that He really is almighty, and “armed with strength”, we feel much more secure.

It’s like being an employee at a large manufacturing plant, and our loving dad isn’t necessarily our direct boss, but He owns the whole company. That definitely would give us a sense of security.

Our whole being is impacted when we truly come to grips with “the Lord reigns”. Our perspective on pain, on life in general, and our perspective on praying, all get a serious upgrade.


Heavenly Father, constantly remind me that You reign. Thank You that I can hand You all my needs and troubles, and You are able to use them to mold me into an improved version of who I am. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

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