Room to flourish

“The Lord be with your spirit. Grace be with you.”  2 Timothy 4:22 (NIV)

I’m not exactly sure what Paul meant by this verse, but I do have an understanding about ‘grace’.

‘Grace’ reminds me of the word “room”. Room to grow. Room to make mistakes, learn from them, and start over. Room when we sin; confess it and ask God to keep changing me. Helping to put more and more distance between my wrongful actions, words, or thoughts.

As a basketball coach, I learned a lot from watching poor coaching. During each practice there is usually time set aside to let the players scrimmage. Hopefully, they will attempt to apply all the skills they are learning from the drills they have gone through earlier in the practice session. I found that the weaker coaches continually stop the scrimmage time to interject correction. The better coaches actually let the players play for longer periods of time before they stop play for a correction. The really good coaches stopped play mainly to praise the players for actually executing a drilled skill they are learning.

The good coach takes notes, then drills the players the next day over the weaknesses they observe in the games and scrimmages. God is a great coach. He lets us go through our lives without zapping us every time we mess up. He’s a coach who is grace-oriented. Therefore, we can safely regroup at some point each day to let Him train us in the game of life. We need to sit before Him and plead to Him to drill us, adjust us, praise us, and teach us. He won’t force it on us, yet He longs to bless and fulfill us.


Heavenly Father, thank You that You give me room. Help me to give grace to others. In Jesus’ Name. Amen

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