“He will give you another Counselor to be with you forever— the Holy Spirit of truth…He lives with you and will be in you”   John 14:16-17

When we trust Christ with our lives by receiving His payment on the cross (see “Start the Victory” atop victory247.org), we gain access to an amazing resource. It’s the ministry of the Holy Spirit that indwells our being.

Many times, we avoid or don’t know that we can tap into this resource. It’s like having a feature on a new cell phone that we either didn’t know that we have, or just choose not to use.

The way to access this “feature” or “app” is by surrendering parts of our lives to God. Also, by asking Him to direct and empower us as we go throughout the day. The more we depend, the more direction, comfort, and fulfillment He can bring to us. This feature can grow into more advanced features if we read and apply God’s principles laid out in His bible.

Two daily and continual prayers that will download this amazing resource; “I can’t do this alone, but You can through me”, and “Lord, I messed up, I want to start over”.


Heavenly Father, I want You to empower and direct my life. I need You. Please remind me to daily depend and surrender. Thank You that I can continue to start over when I mess up. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

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