Lambeau Leap or Lambeau Climb

“Whoever wants to become great among you must be your servant” ┬áMark 10:43 (NIV)

This weekend is the opening day of the National Football League (NFL). A lot of households in America will be very unproductive, with both men and women watching football.

One of the most storied teams is the Green Bay Packers. Their fans are very committed to migrating many miles to a small town in Wisconsin to watch their beloved Packers in the stadium called Lambeau Field. My favorite tradition to watch is the “Lambeau Leap”. Any time a Packer player scores a touchdown, he will “leap” over a wall and into the arms of the crazed fans.

Almost all touchdowns are scored by very skilled athletes; running backs, receivers, and an occasional defensive player. I always wanted to see what would happen if one of their 325 pound linemen happen to score. That wall is pretty high to jump for the average human, let alone a man that could be mistaken out in the real world for a mid-sized Buick.

Linemen in football are the guys that get very limited credit by the fans. They are the guys that give the quarterback time to throw a completed pass. They are the ones that get the running back room to gain yards. They never get the Heisman trophy, Most Valuable Player awards, or their names called out on TV for big plays.

When I read in the bible about being a servant, I think of offensive linemen. They make it possible for others to excel and accomplish. What they do is critical, but many times goes completely unnoticed. They do it not to get credit, but to do it for the team. Do it for the overall cause, with no glory for self.

But according to today’s verse, God notices! He even says we are “great” if we help others excel and accomplish. It is even a prerequisite to personal success and fulfillment.


Heavenly Father, show me to seize opportunities to “serve” others. Help me to avoid getting credit so that my blessings will be even greater. I want to do it to prove that I think You are real (faith), and not to get pats on the back. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

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