Gimme gimme gimme

“Moses regarded abuse for the sake of Christ as greater value than treasures, because he was looking ahead to his eternal reward”  Hebrews 11:26

Moses had a huge decision to make. He was Pharaoh’s adopted son, which means he was in an extremely wealthly family. His inheritance would have made Bill Gates and Donald Trump envious. But he chose be go through a lot of pain, hardship, and abuse with God’s people, and left the riches and fame behind.


Because he was convinced that his eternal reward was much more valuable (I’m sure he has no regrets right now). Not to say that having money is wrong, but for Moses had this decision that actually came down to wealth or poverty by earthly standards.

A man was walking through the mall with his young grandson. Wanting to teach the little guy a lesson, he offered him ten dollars to buy anything he could get with that much money. Right before he handed the 12 year old the ten dollar bill, he offered to give him $100 in two weeks instead of the ten. Not able to resist, he took the bill and purchased a burrito in the food court, and a pack of baseball cards. As they were leaving the mall, they walked by a video game store and saw a sign. It had a picture of two games he has always dreamed of owning, for one hundred dollars.

The grandpa, with a tear streaming down his wrinkled face, bent down to hug the disappointed youngster. “Please remember this, Billy. Please remember”.


Heavenly Father, help me to make wise, eternal decisions that honor You. Please give me the strength to look past my yearnings for immediate pleasures. Thank You for the blessing that will follow. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.


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