Ice bath

“Do not let the sun go down while you are still angry” Ephesians4:26 (NIV)

Paul is dishing out some helpful advice in chapter 4. He knows that anger can do some serious internal damage on all of us.

Athletes workout hard or play in a cumbersome competitions. They soon learn that their muscles recover much faster when they use ice or cold water on their bodies before they go to bed. What happens is that lactic acid builds up, especially in the legs, and make them feel heavy and slow.

A lot of professional athletes make it a habit to take an “ice bath” in the evening. They know that they don’t have time to let the lactic acid slowly go away. Ice will blow it away so that they are free to keep performing at a high level the next day.

Anger is what creates bitterness in our hearts. Bitterness is like the lactic acid. We need to deal with the anger before we go to bed so that we don’t wake up sluggish and cranky. We can’t perform and enjoy life at a high level!


Heavenly Father, help me to forgive those who make me angry, and have a good perspective on situations that make me angry. I hand those over to You so that I can perform life at a fulfilling level. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

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