Make me a good memory

“Those who are wise must finally die, just like the foolish and senseless, leaving all their wealth behind”  Psalm 49:10 (NLT)

Sometimes we feel like we are going to live forever. Then we get old and feeble, and it almost surprises us.

So, if we “can’t take it with us”, what are we really striving to leave behind? I suggest that we try to impact those around us. To be the person that is talked about when said, “I’ll never forget when so-n-so did this for me”, or “when so-n-so pulled me aside to tell me these words of great encouragement”, or “when so-n-so lived a life for others and God, and made me want that for myself”…

I vividly remember an older lady pulling me aside, when I was in high school, to tell me how she can tell that my bad knee slowed me down, yet saw my great effort on the basketball court in spite of it. Or the time when my own father praised me for a certain skill I had, the family friend who gave a huge gift to help in a time of great need, and then the young man who saw my desire to please God and told me that he wanted to go and do the same.

We will leave our material things behind, but we also can leave an impact behind as well.


Heavenly Father, make me a good memory for others when I am gone from this place. Help me to make and see opportunities. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

Make me a good memory

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