Z Pack for inner Victory

“For sin is the sting that results in death… But thank God! He gives us VICTORY over sin and death through our Lord Jesus Christ”  1Corinthians 15:56-57 (NLT)

My doctor will be calling in my prescription for an antibiotic any minute now for an upper respiratory infection.

This sickness has lasted days and has stopped me from exercising, good sleeping, and just feeling well. As soon as the medicine enters my system, it will begin to fight off infections that could possibly lead to death if left untreated.

Selfish or wrongful actions, thoughts, and words cause our inner peace and well-being to corrode and die IF left untreated.

And when we have symptoms of “inner sickness”; impure thoughts, worry, confusion, overwhelmed with stress, hate, discontent, helpless, hopeless… handing these over to God and confessing sins work as a powerful antibiotic!


Heavenly Father, I hand You each wrong I have done today. Fill me with Your peace and joy. Thank You for the ‘VICTORY’. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

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