Brain vs emotions

“…He who has been forgiven little loves little”  Luke 7:47  (NIV)

Forgiveness is one of those concepts that needs to be thought through and figured out. That’s one of those principles we truly need to plead with God to help us grasp. And at the same time we can’t forget to practice forgiveness.

I’ve heard forgiveness explained as if we have a door on our heart. When we choose to forgive, it opens our heart so that we can receive everything God has in store for us. But when we hold onto unforgiveness, bitterness and resentment, it closes up our heart and keeps us from moving forward in the blessings of God. With that in mind, why in the world do I let a rude co-worker, an impatient driver, a disrespectful kid, a disagreeing spouse, a referee… block the God of the universe from pouring into my life?

Mentally, this makes total sense. So why do I still struggle daily? My emotions and my brain need to go to battle. But when something happens, it’s like the emotions get a head start on influencing my reactions. When someone cuts me off in a car, my hand is on the horn (and not as a courteous warning toot) before my brain even gets a chance to engage. That’s why we need to ask God for the ability to pull this forgiveness-thing off. We can’t do it, but He can if we allow Him and ask Him, continuously, to give us victory in this critical area of life. Trust me, it is worth going to war over!

Today remember, people will let us down, they will hurt us and they will disappoint us. Don’t let the actions of others block the blessings of God by holding unforgiveness. Instead, we need to choose to forgive so that we can increase your capacity to receive everything He has in store for us.

Prayer for today

Heavenly Father, thank You for forgiving me and setting me free. In light of that, give me the strength get some victories over my emotions and feelings. I know this battle will be worth entering. Fulfill me so that I can live life to it’s fullest. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

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