Step aside

“He (Jesus) must become greater; I must become less”                   John 3:30(NIV)

John the Baptist was an amazing man of God. He was also a great public speaker and teacher who had a large following.

As Jesus was coming into His own public ministry, John was telling the people that Jesus is so much more important than himself. And that he is stepping aside, “becoming less”.

In our own lives we can step aside to Jesus. Our goals, our efforts, our dreams and desires all can be run through God’s purpose. We can allow Him to readjust our focus from total self-satisfaction to an others-oriented, God-pleasing perspective on how we conduct our daily lives.

This is a step of faith to “let go”. But understand that self-absorption leads to bitterness and frustration. Where as, giving ourselves over to God allows Him to fulfill, satisfy and bless us. Basically, we can be our own worst enemy if we don’t “let go”.


Heavenly Father, rescue me from me. I want to “let go” and focus on pleasing You and others instead of just pleasing myself. I’m trusting You to take care and fulfill me. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

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