What the heck is faith?

“the righteous person will live by his faith” ¬†Habakkuk 2:4 (NIV)

Whenever we do something that we wouldn’t do if there wasn’t a God, is living by faith (Wrap your mind around that one).

For instance, taking time out of our busy day to stop and pray. If there wasn’t a God we would be wasting precious time. How about taking a vital piece of our coveted weekend to attend a bible believing church. How stupid if there wasn’t a God!

‘Living by faith’ can also be a moment by moment thing. Have you ever held back from verbally ripping into someone who was being a jerk, or stopped what you were doing to lend a hand to a co-worker?

Confessing wrongful actions and avoiding pleasures that we know don’t please God, is ‘living by faith’. Reading the bible and trying to apply it is a ridiculous waste of time unless there really is a God.


Heavenly Father, I want to live by faith. Show me opportunities to make decisions that only make sense if You are real. Thank You that faith leads to abundant blessing. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

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