About Us

Chris Joseph

Hi. My name is Chris Joseph from right outside of Columbus, Ohio. I was born in 1958, so as you can see from my picture, I am a lot older than I look (and not as dumb as I look).

I was introduced to Christ and accepted Him as my personal Savior as an East Carolina University freshman during an Athletes in Action basketball presentation. I left the frat party life as I was learning more about my relationship with God through the Navigators campus ministry.

I later transferred and graduated from to Cedarville University. Afterwards, joined the staff of Athletes in Action (the athletic ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ) for 5 years. I was on the campus of Virginia Tech then became the National Outreach Director for AIA Basketball.

My last 16 years have been spent as a Christian School teacher, administrator and basketball coach. I have also spent time working in a church as an assistant pastor.

My resume includes a horrible 4 year existence as an owner of my own printing company (no offense to printers, I was just clueless!)

I have been married to my lovely wife (brownie points for saying ‘lovely’) for 526 years (brownie points cancelled out). I have 4 great kids- Tyler 21, lead singer/song writer of the band “Twenty One Pilots”; Zack 19- All-state hoopster; Madison 15- 3 point shooting specialist and not allowed to date until she is 25; Jay 11- my only tall child (basically, the family’s only chance for a dunk).

Dustin Hartzler

Hi, my name is Dustin Hartzler and I’m the young, hip, techie guy who runs this site. My bio’s a lot shorter than Chris’s because I am quite a bit younger.

God gave Chris this vision to do great things through creating this ministry and he asked me to be a part of it to help him with the technology. I love the technology and I am always learning to find new ways where we can reach new people.

I am currently an engineer who works at Whirlpool. My wife is a pharmacist and will be starting a new career at Cedarville University as a professor starting in August. We will be relocating from the Columbus area and moving to the Dayton, OH area. In my new career I will be an entrepreneur. I have created Hartzler Digital Media as my new business as well as supporting this site. You can also follow me on my personal blog at DustinHartzler.com